We started out on eBay in 2011 selling heart shapes.  We created misterlaser.com in early 2012 using Magento 1.3 to handle the larger volume of orders, and to move away from eBay.

In 2013 we created mekkit.com to serve a growing need for custom made work and various materials.

In 2017 we are launching jessica6.co.uk, to serve the need for ready made design-led laser cut and laser engraved items.

misterlaser.com lives on as a WordPress site but with no checkout facility.  The old Magento 1.7 site was very out of date, very slow and a little unloved (we were a little afraid to patch it yet again in case it finally keeled over).  With the release of Magento 2.0 and the renewal due on some expensive hosting, we decided to pull the plug and replace the site with a clean new WordPress site.

We do still make lots of shapes and work with customers who’ve been with us since the start – we’re not stopping doing shapes just yet!